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Opsistor image processor with a reference detector and a reference image

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5949064.

An image processing system for capturing and compressing images into a digital format is disclosed. The system has an array of imaging pixel elements which consist of two photodiode detectors (Opsistor). One photodiode detector is a capture detector while the other detector is a reference detector. The capture detector has an anode electrically coupled to the cathode of the reference detector. The cathode of the capture detector is electrically coupled to the anode of the reference detector. An image may be compared to a reference image detected by the reference detector. Different levels of light between the captured image and the reference image change the electrical output of the opsistor. Image compression is facilitated since only pixel elements which change from frame to frame need be stored. Additionally, a processing and compression circuit may use column and row scans to eliminate unchanged pixels and store only pixels with different light levels between images.

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