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Disc brake

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5947234.

To reduce brake noise sufficiently, a vehicle disc brake of the present invention includes a pair of pads for supporting a disc rotor therebetween, with each pad being provided with a backing plate. A mounting member which is adapted to be secured to the vehicle is designed to receive brake torque applied to the pads. Two end surfaces of the backing plate, which are opposed substantially in the turning direction of the disc rotor, are provided with a pair of projections. The projections elastically abut on first brake torque receiving surfaces of the mounting member. The backing plate has also an end surface that is supported by second brake torque receiving surfaces of the mounting member. The first and second brake torque receiving surfaces are located towards the radially outward and inward sides of the disc rotor respectively, with respect to a center of gravity of the backing plate. Furthermore, one working portion of a spring member elastically abuts on the top of one of two semicircular portions of the backing plate from the radially outward side, while another inclined working portion of the spring member elastically abuts on the other semicircular portion also from the radially outward side. When the pads are displaced in the axial direction of the disc rotor, frictional contact is established between the backing plate on one hand and the first and second brake torque receiving surfaces of the mounting member and the working portions of the spring member on the other hand, thus damping the displacement of the pads.

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