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Connector installation structure for fuel tank

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5941730.

An installation structure can carry out a work of attaching a connector (1) to a fuel tank with one touch without using a particular equipment or requiring a great space. A holding sleeve (24) is secured to a lid plate (22) of the fuel tank with the sleeve projecting into an interior of the tank. The holding sleeve (24) is provided in its opposite outer peripheral positions with each of a pair of windows (30). An elastic clip (29) having a substantially U-shaped configuration is mounted on the holding sleeve (24) with each leg (33) of the clip (29) projecting into an interior of the sleeve (24) through each window (30). An inner connection portion (5) of the connector (1) is provided in its opposite outer peripheral position with each of a pair of engaging grooves (36). The portion (5) is also provided in its outer surface below each engaging groove (36) with an inclined guide face (38). When the portion (5) of the connector (1) is being inserted into the holding sleeve (24), the legs (33) are deflected outwardly by the guide faces (38). When the portion (5) is completely inserted in the sleeve (24), the legs (33) fit in the respective grooves (36) by their elastic recovery forces, thereby preventing the connector (1) from coming out of the lid plate (22).

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