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Multi-functional bed structure

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5940911.

Disclosed is a multi-functional bed structure which includes a main operational control unit and a bed portion. The main operational control unit includes an elevating mechanism which can be controlled to cause the bed portion to move up and down or forward and backward reciprocatingly in different selected manners. The bed portion may be a roller type or a non-roller type. A roller type bed portion includes a chassis structure below a mattress-supporting bed frame provided with roller rails. A lifting mechanism is mounted on the chassis structure to lift or lower the bed frame by engaging rollers connected to a top of the lifting mechanism with the roller rails on the bed frame. A raising mechanism is mounted below the bed frame to raise different parts of the mattress as needed by the user. The elevating, the lifting, and the raising mechanisms all can be operated in three different control manners, namely, manual, displacement range, and random controls, so that the bed portion may be shifted rhythmically.

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