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Video/audio communications call center and method of operation thereof

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5937057.

For use in a call center having a plurality of agent stations and an audio automatic call distribution system (ACD) for routing an incoming audio call received from a communications network to one of the plurality of agent stations, a system and method that allows the audio ACD to route an audio/video call received into the call center. The system includes: (1) an audio/video call control circuit for responding to a video portion of an incoming audio/video call from the communications network and routing an audio portion of the incoming audio/video call to the audio ACD, the audio ACD processing the audio portion as an incoming audio call and routing the audio portion to one of the plurality of agent stations and (2) a video routing circuit for determining an identity of the one of the plurality of agent stations and routing the video portion to the one of the plurality of agent stations in response thereto, both the audio portion and the video portion of the incoming audio/video call thereby routed to the one of the plurality of agent stations in response to routing control given by the audio ACD.

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