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Garment for fixing a urine bag and a method for manufacturing such garment

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5935116.

A garment (1) is disclosed for fixing a urine bag (2) on the leg (3) of a user. The garment includes a tubular part (6) having elastic bands (9, 10) at its ends, said bands fitting tightly around the leg (3) of the user. The tubular part is provided with an integrally formed pocket (11), the tubular part being formed by a dual layer knitted structure except in the area of the pocket (11). At the pocket bottom (13) there is an opening (14) for the discharge pipe (15) of the urine bag. The garment (1) is manufactured easily in endless webs, which are separated, and subsequently the two end edges (31, 32) are knitted together (33) in order to form the tubular shape. The garment provides safe fixing of the urine bag (2) as the latter will be supported inside the pocket (11) and be held against the leg of the user due to the elastic bands (9, 10), which are dimensioned so as to be able to carry a full urine bag. Owing to the use of elastic threads across the height of the garment, the full urine bag is held against the leg of the user without collapsing.

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