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Senior friendly child resistant medication containers

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5934492.

A medication container has a tubular container body with an open upper end, and a cap detachably securable to the upper edge of the container body by clockwise rotation relative thereto, the cap and the container body having mutually engageable stops preventing anti-clockwise opening rotation of the cap relative to the container body when the cap is in an upper position relative to the container body. A cap liner of resilient material within the cap has a peripheral portion engageable with the upper end of the container body to close the upper end, the cap liner also having a central button portion in a central aperture in the cap for manual engagement by a person wishing to open the container. The cap is normally engaged by the cap liner, when the cap is detachably secured to the container body, to maintain the cap in the upper position relative to the container body, whereby downward manual pressure on the central button portion of the cap liner causes resilient deformation of the cap liner away from the cap to permit the cap to be depressed from its upper position and thereby permit counter-clockwise opening rotation of the cap relative to the container body.

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