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Method of and apparatus for sanitizing MRI machines

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5918342.

The bore of an MRI machine is sanitized by using a pair of sponge elements attached to an elongated handle. The first sponge element has an arcuate surface which is a segment of a sphere having a radius substantially equal to the radius of the bore, the arcuate surface having a first dimension longer than a second dimension. The first sponge element is mounted on an elongated handle having axis which is transverse to the first dimension of the sponge element when the sponge element is used for sanitizing arcuate side walls of the bore and transverse to the second dimension when the sponge element is used for sanitizing the ceiling of some bores. A second sponge element with a planar surface is used for cleaning the floor or track of the bore. Disposable cleaning covers are provided for mounting on the sponge elements.

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