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Method and apparatus for producing a multi-colored image in an electrophotographic system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5916718.

Apparatus and method in which a multi-color image, such as a standard four color image, is assembled on a medium, such as paper or film. Liquid ink contains conventional "solid" colored toner particles and also contains transparent counter ions. The conventional "solid" colored toner particles in plate to the surface of the photoreceptor while the transparent counter ions plate in the opposite direction, i.e., the transparent counter ions plate to the surface of photoreceptor in areas which are not discharged. Conventional "solid" colored toner particles plate to electrode in areas where the photoreceptor has not been discharged while transparent counter ions plate to electrode in areas discharged. This allows an apparatus and method in which the multi-color image can be assembled during a single pass of a photoreceptor without the necessity to erase and externally recharge the photoreceptor between development steps for each separate color resulting in an apparatus and method which can print multiple color images at an unrivaled speed.

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