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System for the rapid cooling of engines on a test bench and relative device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5915343.

A system for the rapid cooling of engines on a test bench used to carry out temperature testing, whether they be petrol or diesel engines, wherein, during the performance of the test with the engine switched on, the cooling liquid of the engine is made to circulate in a first cooling circuit which substantially reproduces the normal components and circuits to be found in the vehicle into which the engine (11) is installed and comprising at least a delivery pipe (13) in outlet from the engine (11) and equipped with pump means (14), a radiator system (15) cooperating with fan means (17), a feeder pipe (18) entering the engine (11) and equipped with valve means (24), a tank (19) to compensate for the heat expansion of the cooling liquid, and wherein, during the rapid cooling step which is carried out with the engine (11) switched off, the cooling liquid of the engine (11) is diverted into a second, auxiliary cooling circuit (25), comprising at least a heat exchanger (20) associated with a cooling unit (21) fed autonomously and inserted only at the rapid cooling step, a branch (26) which connects the delivery pipe (13) with the inlet of the heat exchanger (20) by way of a valve (22) which can be momentarily opened and a pipe (32) which connects the outlet of the heat exchanger (20) with the feeder pipe (18) of the engine (11), the cooling liquid being taken by the heat exchanger (20) progressively from the working temperature to the cooling temperature.

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