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Pliers for crimping workpieces

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5913933.

A pliers for crimping workpieces is disclosed. The pliers for crimping workpieces comprises a pliers head (1) with two cover plates (2,3), the pliers head having one stationary crimping die (20) and a linearly movable crimping die (20), of which at least one of the crimping dies is interchangeable, and a toggle lever drive (33) for moving the linearly guided movable crimping die (26), the toggle lever drive (33) having one movable handle (14) and one stationary handle (4) and being provided with one toggle lever link (10) pivotedly arranged on the handles. A double support (24) consists of a first support with a retractable bolt (18,28) being retractable from the pliers head and a circumferentially closed opening (22) in the crimping die and a second support (25) with a stationary bolt (19,29) in the pliers head and a circumferentially opened opening (23) in the crimping die is provided for realizing interchangeability of at least one of the crimping dies (20,26) and for transfering the crimping forces to the pliers.

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