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High temperature, high speed rotary valve

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5913329.

There is provided a high speed rotary valve which is relatively simple in design and which can effectively regulate the flow of fluid under high temperature conditions in such a manner as to produce perturbations in the fluid stream. Such a valve may be used to regulate the flow of fluid, e.g. air, toward a work piece to produce a perturbation in the piece for example. The clearance between the rotor and stator is such that the flow of fluid is never completely cut off, i.e., the valve continues to "leak through" the closed outlet port even when the rotor and stator openings are not aligned. Fluids having temperatures in the range of 40 to at least F. may be processed through this valve. The valve is also useful in creating aerosols of liquids and gases and in producing blown fibers.

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