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Lock cylinder

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5911766.

The invention concerns a lock cylinder with a cylinder core arranged rotatable in a housing and an overload coupling device, which consists of at least one radially slidable tang which is connected non-rotatable to the cylinder core, as well as of a control element cooperating with the tang in case of overload. In order to establish that the control element, in the case of overload, causes a radial shifting of the tang in a simple and certain way and thereby a decoupling of the cylinder core from the output element, the invention proposes using, as the control element, a ring shaped element which is arranged non-rotatable, but longitudinally slidable in the housing, and which also has diagonal guide surfaces on both the side facing its cylinder liner and on its side facing the tang, which support themselves on the corresponding guide surfaces of the cylinder liner and tang, respectively, so that a rotational movement of the cylinder liner leads to an axial shifting of the control ring, which then causes a radial shifting of the tang.

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