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Filimonov hybrid dirigible craft

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5909857.

The hybrid dirigible craft belongs to the category of flying vehicles which use an air cushion and take off and land at any type of airfield. The air of the invention is to design an improved dirigible craft capable of taking off from and landing on water and low-load bearing surfaces. To that end, the hybrid dirigible craft comprises the following elements: a discoid body (1) with a central passage (2) in which is mounted to a flow-permitting body (5) with a rotor (6) on its upper part and secured to the walls by radial partitions (7) which have an aerodynamic profile, the pilot-passenger and cargo compartments (9 and 10, respectively); a propulsion unit with propellers (8), units for landing on an air cushion in the form of an inflatable toroidal bag (11) and wheel-skid supports (12, 13) mounted on the lower surfaces; rotating flaps (3) mounted at the inlet into the central passage (2); control and stabilizing elements (4) mounted at the outlet of the central passage (2); outer wing units (14) and a tail assembly with stabilizer (19) and two or more fins (17) mounted on the rear part of the hull; airflow flaps (21) on the rear flaps of the outer wing elements and hull (22); and airflow control surfaces (20) on the stabilizer and outer wing elements. The dirigible craft also has elevons (22) on the stabilizer and a flexible guard element (23) mounted on and underneath the forward part of the toroidal bag (11). It also has a gear for taking off from water including gliding surfaces (28) underneath the compartment (9) and a hydrofoil (30).

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