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Low defect density diamond single crystal and a process for the production of the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5908503.

A colorless, transparent low defect density, synthetic type IIa diamond single crystal, in which the etch pits due to needle-shaped defects are at most 3.times.10.sup.5 pieces/cm.sup.2, and which can be applied to uses needing high crystallinity of diamond, for example, monochromators, semiconductor substrates, spectroscopic crystals in X-ray range, electronic materials, etc., is provided by a process for the production of the colorless, transparent low defect density, synthetic diamond single crystal by growing new diamond crystal on a seed crystal of diamond by the temperature gradient method which comprises using a crystal defect-free diamond single crystal, as a seed crystal of diamond, and optionally subjecting to a heat treatment in a non-oxidizing atmosphere at a low pressure and a temperature of 1100 to C.

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