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Molded block optical system for volume holographic storage

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5896210.

Molded block optics system (10) writes and reads data from an optical storage medium and includes first molded optics block (12) for receiving reference beam (60) and original object beam (46) that contains a predetermined data set. First molded optics block (12) includes reflective surfaces (18, 20, 22, and 24) and spatial light modulator (50). Reflective surfaces (18, 20, and 24) include reference beam surfaces (24) and object beam surfaces (18, 20, and 22). Reference beam surfaces (24) direct reference beam (60) to optical storage medium (16) at predetermined location (54). Spatial light modulator (50) modulates object beam (46) and directs modulated object beam (46) to predetermined location (54). Reference beam (60) and object beam (46) form an interference pattern that writes data on optical storage medium (16). First molded optics block (12) also directs reference beam (60) to optical storage medium (16) for generating reconstructed object beam (64). Second molded optics block (14) receives reconstructed object beam (64), and includes reflective surfaces that direct reconstructed object beam (64) to detector array (32).

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