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Viscous substance dispensing knife

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5894959.

A spreading knife, comprising a main blade housing and a blade cover. The main blade housing has a reservoir for holding a viscous substance, such as condiment. A filling cap is located fully proximally on the spreading knife and is selectively removable for filling the reservoir. A main passageway extends distally from the reservoir, and is in fluid communication with the reservoir. A plurality of vertical passageways extend from the main passageway, each having a vertical passageway end. A blade cover has a flat spreading surface, pressurizes the main passageway and vertical passageways, and has dispensing openings in the flat spreading surface which correspond to the vertical passageway ends. A pump is operable to force air into the reservoir, and cause the substance to be dispensed through the dispensing openings onto the flat spreading surface to spread the condiment onto a bread surface.

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