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Direct media independent interface connection system for network devices

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #5892926.

A direct media independent interface (DMII) connection for a network device including a data link circuit, a connector, a clock circuit and a crossover connection. The data link circuit includes a reconciliation circuit that transmits and receives signals according to the MII standard. The clock circuit asserts at least one MII clock signal on the crossover connection to synchronize data transfer. The crossover connection crosses MII transmit signals with MII receive signals. A grounding circuit is optionally provided to ground one or more of the MII signals that are not required for the DMII connection. The connector may be a standard MII connector, or may be implemented as a minimum or reduced profile connector for carrying only the desired MII signals. The crossover connection is performed internally within the DMII port, or externally by a crossover cable. The cable is a standard MII cable, or is implemented as a minimum or reduced profile cable. The clock and ground circuits may be incorporated within either or both DMII ports, or may be incorporated within a crossover cable.

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