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Apparatus for fabricating polychromal segmented balls for twisting ball display

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #5891479.

A apparatus of fabricating a multisegmented ball for an electrical twisting ball display device, which is made up of spheroidal balls rotatably disposed in an elastomer substrate. The ball is composed of segments arrayed substantially parallel to one another, each segment being adjacent to at least one other segment and to no more than two other segments, adjacent segments being adjoined to one another at substantially planar interfaces. The apparatus has a plurality of separator members, each separator member having two opposed surfaces and an edge region in contact with both of said surfaces. A liquid flow is associated with each separator member and one of the surfaces on the separator member. Each one of the liquid flows is provided across its associated separator members toward the edge region of the separator member. Each of the liquid flows is of a hardenable liquid material and has an optical modulation characteristic and a flow rate. The apparatus also has apparatus for merging the liquid flows outboard of the edge regions of the separator members into a combined liquid flow and then apparatus for forming a ligament from the combined liquid flow. Apparatus for forming a plurality of spheroidal balls from the ligament; and apparatus for hardening the balls thus formed complete the apparatus.

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