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Reverse pull, extraoral dental assembly with head and body supports and chin stop

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5890891.

A reverse pull, extraoral dental assembly having at least one head support, at least one body support (e.g., disposed outside of the head region of the dental patient) and at least one chin stop is provided. The head support, body support, and chin stop are interconnected by a brace assembly which is displaced outwardly from the frontal region of the dental patient. One and typically two elastics or other appropriate treatment force generating/transfer members extend from the brace assembly to engage one or more of the dental patient's teeth in the upper and/or lower arch to apply a generally mesially directed treatment force thereto, and/or to engage a device which is directly associated with dental patient bone (e.g., an implant or onplant). The chin support provides a counterforce to any upward force exerted by the assembly thus preventing an upward movement of the assembly.

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