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Cutting tool for toothed articles

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5890846.

A cutter head including a cutter body portion having a first outer surface and a second outer surface located inward of the first outer surface. Both first and second outer surfaces are interrupted by a plurality of blade receiving slots which extend inward into the cutter body portion. The first and second outer surfaces are arranged such that an annular projection is formed protruding from the second outer surface and extending to the first outer surface. The annular projection is also interrupted by the plurality of cutting blade slots thus forming a plurality of individual projections. The cutter head additionally includes a clamping ring extending about the cutter body and secured to the annular projection. The clamping ring comprises first and second ring members which together define an inner receiving channel having a form complementary with the form of the annular projection whereby securing the first and second ring members together about the annular projection positions the annular projection in the receiving channel and secures the clamping ring to the cutter body. The cutter head may include a generally concave shaped clamping block which is attached to the receiving channel in the clamping ring. The cutter head may further comprise blade receiving slots wherein the inner end portion of the slots includes a pair of angled blade mounting surfaces. Also included are cutting blades having side portions of a form which is complementary to the angled blade mounting surfaces of the cutter head.

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