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Collapsible pallet with reinforcing slats and method of using the same

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5890437.

A collapsible pallet with reinforcing slats, and a method for reinforcing a collapsible pallet. The pallet comprises a flexible platform having an upper surface operative to receive a load. Laterally-displaced support blocks are affixed to a lower surface of the platform. Reinforcing slats are coupled to the upper surface of the platform to facilitate pallet handling. In one disclosed embodiment, the slats are inserted into pockets coupled to the platform and sized for receiving the slats. The pockets on the platform are transversely oriented with the support blocks. In a disclosed alternative embodiment, the slats may be removed from the transversely oriented pockets on the platform when the pallet is no longer in use and inserted into stowage pockets below the platform and aligned parallel with the support blocks. The stowage pockets are coupled to the vertical faces of the support blocks so that the platform and support blocks may be collapsed to store the pallet in a minimum of space. In another disclosed alternate embodiment, additional slats are inserted into another set of pockets coupled to the bottom of the support blocks to further reinforce the pallet. The pockets on the bottom of the support blocks are also transversely oriented with the support blocks. The slats may also be removed from these pockets in order to collapse the pallet.

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