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Master cylinder having a single service piston with compensation and damping sections

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5890364.

An improved compensation piston arrangement for use with a dual circuit master cylinder having a single service piston for simultaneously pressurizing a first fluid chamber and a second fluid chamber, wherein the compensation piston arrangement provides for pressure balancing between the first fluid chamber and the second fluid chamber to compensate for minor normal differences between the first and second fluid chamber. The compensation piston arrangement includes a movable compensation piston slidably disposed within a bore of a compensation housing, wherein the housing defines a pair of end stops positioned on opposing sides of the compensation piston. The bore is in fluid communication with the fluid chambers such that the pressure within the first fluid chamber acts on a first side of the compensation piston, and the pressure within the second fluid chamber acts on a second end of the compensation piston which is opposite the first end. The compensation housing can be incorporated within the service piston or can be remotely located from the master cylinder.

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