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Apparatus and process for forming prosthetic socket

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5885509.

A prosthesis socket casting device includes a base member on which an elongated annular molding bladder is mounted, the bladder peripherally enclosing a generally centrally located casting area and extendable when inflated from the forward side of the base. The bladder is formed of a pliable, air impermeable, relatively non-stretchable sheet material enclosing, in cooperation with the base, an air chamber peripherally surrounding the casting area. The casting area includes an open residual limb receiving end and extends from such end to the base, and an inflation system for the bladder is provided. The casting device may be used in conjunction with a prosthesis suction socket that includes a tension member at its distal end connectable to the base member during a casting procedure. Moldable and settable prosthesis socket or other moldable casting material is placed over the suction socket and is compression molded by the inflated bladder while the casting material cures. During the compression casting procedure, a tension force resulting from the bladder inflation pressure may be applied to the distal end of the suction socket to elongate and distend the distal area of the residual limb against which the casting material is formed under pressure. The bladder is rollable relative to the base member to provide ready access to the tension member connector carried by the base member.

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