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Attachment system for suspending an exercise and/or therapy apparatus in a pool of liquid

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5885194.

A ski-type exercise or therapy apparatus for use with liquid contained within a pool having walls utilizes a frame positionable in a stationary condition with respect to the walls of the pool and a pair of pump assemblies wherein each pump assembly includes a piston and a cylinder within which the piston is slidably received for movement therealong in conjunction with the movement of a corresponding foot of an individual between two positions of movement. A port provides flow communication between the interiors of the cylinders so that as the piston is moved along the cylinder in conjunction with the motions of the individual's foot during an exercise or therapy routine, liquid flows between the interiors of the cylinders by way of the port. By controlling the flow of liquid between the interiors of the cylinders by way of the ports, the emotions of the individual's feet during the exercise or therapy routine can be controlled.

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