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Mattress cover handle

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #5884352.

A handle for a mattress border is anchored with spaced grommets in the border against which anchors on the handle ends may bear. The anchors are designed to allow a leading end of the handle to be drawn through a grommet opening. A back strap between the grommet openings is shaped to allow clamping to move the grommet openings to aligned position. To allow the drawing of the anchors through the grommet openings, at least one of the anchors is provided with first coupling means. A puller rod is designed to be inserted through at least one of the grommet openings. The puller rod is provided with second coupling means, designed to cooperate with the first coupling means to achieve the pulling function. In one variant the clamping means may be used to bend the back bar and border into a `U` shape, with the inside of the border on the convex side of the U, so that a straight puller rod may pull the leading anchor through the aligned grommet openings in the sequence inside to outside to inside relative to the border material. In a second variant the clamping means act so that the `U` shape becomes more like a `V` so that the grommet axes may be considered to be on a common arc. A curved puller rod, with a second coupling means on its free end is moved to pass through both grommets in an anti-pulling direction to couple the first (handle) coupling means to pull its leading end through the two grommets. In a third variant using two puller rods the handle is first shaped in a downward arc over a flattened border with the back strap at the bottom. The free end of a puller rod projects through each grommet opening. The border and back strap are then bent into a V the rods travelling to maintain their position relative to the grommet opening. This achieves coupling of each pair of first and second coupling means. The puller rods may then be retracted to pull the handle ends through the grommets.

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