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Method of playing a three dice game

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5879006.

A dice game and game accessories which include a game board having a playing field for the throw of three hexahedral dice, each side marked with one member of a set of six discrete ordered indicia, and having a plurality sections of pictorial representations of the predicted outcomes, using said dice or the mechanical equivalent thereof, and using markers placed upon said sections representing the amount of wager placed, placement of said markers in relationship to said pictorial representations indicate the scope of the prediction of said wager. Players place their wagers upon said sections. One player called the shooter throws all three dice simultaneously. Oral wagers may be called to the dealer effective only for the throw of dice in process. The dealer marks the combination rolled, and the dealer removes losing one time wagers. The dealer then pays the winning wagers covering said combination. All other place bets remain and may be altered by the players before the next throw of the dice. The shooter continues successive throws to complete his hand. The shooter's hand ends when his roll of the three dice produces at least one die displaying the highest indicia and at least one die displaying the lowest indicia.

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