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Flight console for radio controlled aircraft

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5878981.

An control mechanism apparatus is shown which electromechanically actuates a control board of a radio transmitter. The radio transmitter transmits radio signals to a receiver on board a model aircraft for actuating the various parts thereof. The apparatus comprises a base frame for providing a stable platform with a seat mounted at the rear of the base frame. A plurality of controls emulating the controls found in a cockpit of an actual aircraft are mounted to the base frame. A plurality of mechanical linkages are provided which transmit the position of each of the plurality of controls to a corresponding plurality of electrical devices. Each of the corresponding electrical devices is in electrical communication with the control board and the output of each of the electrical devices varies in accordance with the position of the controls. The radio signals are transmitted by the radio transmitter control board and vary in accordance with the electrical output of each of the electrical devices. The radio signals actuate the various parts of the model aircraft corresponding to each of the plurality of the controls.

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