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Adjustable mechanism for rocker-recliner

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5876094.

A rocking and reclining chair comprises: a base having a pair of generally horizontal planar bearing surfaces; a generally horizontally-disposed seat positioned above the base; a generally upright backrest positioned above the base rearward of the seat; a reclining assembly for moving the seat and backrest between upright and reclined positions relative to the base; a pair of rocker cams; and a pair of rocker spring assemblies. The reclining assembly is attached to the seat and the backrest and includes a pair of mechanisms and front and rear stabilizing members. Each reclining mechanism includes a plurality of pivotally interconnected links, two of which are a seat mounting plate attached to the seat and a cam mounting plate. The cam mounting plate includes first and second sets of spring assembly mounting holes and first and second sets of rocker cam mounting holes, and further includes front and rear cross-member mounting locations (preferably inwardly-directed flanges). The front and rear stabilizing members are attached between respective cross-member mounting locations. Each of the rocker cams is attached to a respective mechanism cam mounting plate via fasteners inserted through one of each of the first and second sets of rocker cam mounting holes. Each rocker cam includes an arcuate lower contact surface positioned below a lower edge of the cam mounting plate to contact a respective one of the base bearing surfaces. The lower contact surfaces are configured for rolling contact with the base bearing surfaces such that the seat has a rocking motion. Each rocker spring assembly includes a resilient member that biases the seat against rocking motion relative to the base. Also, each rocker spring assembly is attached to a respective cam mounting plate and to the base via fasteners inserted into one of the first set of spring assembly mounting holes and one of the second set of spring assembly mounting holes.

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