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Two-stage compression and expansion of coupling processed multi-channel sound signals for transmission and recording

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5873065.

A multi-channel signal compressor for compressing digital sound signals in the respective channels of a multi-channel sound system. The apparatus comprises a first-stage compression system and a second-stage compression system. In the first-stage compression system, a coupling circuit performs coupling between the digital sound signals of at least two of the channels to generate coupling-processed signals, one for each of the channels. A compressor circuit receives the coupling-processed signals from the coupling circuit and frequency divides each coupling-processed signal into frequency range signals in respective frequency ranges, and compresses the frequency range signals obtained by dividing each coupling-processed signal to generate a first-stage compressed signal. In the second-stage compression system, a determining circuit receives the first-stage compressed signal for each channel from the first-stage compression system and determines an energy for each channel from the first-stage compressed signal of the respective channel. A channel bit apportionment decision circuit operates in response to the determining circuit, and apportions a predetermined number of bits among the channels to apportion a number of bits to each channel. Finally, an additional compressor additionally compresses the first-stage compressed signal of each channel using, for each channel, the number of bits apportioned to the respective channel by the channel bit apportionment decision circuit.

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