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Knitting fabric take-down device of flat knitting machine

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #5870904.

Knitting fabric take-down devices, located in front and back of and facing each other across a knitting fabric passageway formed under a needle bed gap between at least a pair of front and back needle beds of a flat knitting machine, for taking down a knitting fabric. Each of the knitting fabric take-down device includes a front knitting fabric take-down mechanism for capturing only a front part of the knitting fabric in the knitting fabric passageway and taking it down; a back knitting fabric take-down mechanism for capturing only a back part of the knitting fabric and taking it down; and a take-down force adjusting mechanism for adjusting a take-down force of each of the knitting fabric take-down mechanism. The front and back knitting fabric take-down mechanism each comprises a plurality of take-down members which are arranged along a longitudinal direction of the needle beds and are each adapted to be sequentially or individually actuated to take down the knitting fabric in the knitting fabric take-down operation.

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