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Submersible logging device

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #5868182.

The underwater logging device of the present invention is selectively remotely maneuverable to engage submerged free standing timber with sawing and dogging apparatus for selectively sawing and dogging the timber. The device includes a buoyancy tank mounted on a frame; a selectively remotely actuable steering mechanism mounted to the frame; independently steerable motivating traction wheels or the like, rotatably mounted to the frame and cooperating with, so as to be steerable by, the steering mechanism for translating the underwater logging device over a lakebed and between the free standing timber; a remotely monitorable vision system is mounted to the frame; selectively remotely actuable saws are mounted to the frame so as to be disposable outwardly of the fine for cutting engagement with the free standing timber once the underwater logging device has been translated into proximity with the free standing timber by the motivating traction wheels.

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