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Feed system in a stamping and forming machine having a quick release

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5868019.

A stamping and forming machine (10) is disclosed having a feed mechanism for incrementally feeding a strip of material (32) along a feed path and momentarily stopping the strip in proper position within tooling (20, 22) during the stamping and forming operation. The feed system includes a feed drum (36) and is arranged to move between a driving position where the feed drum (36) is in engagement with the strip of material (32) for effecting the movement thereof along the feed path and a remote position out of feeding engagement therewith. A misfeed detection and feed release mechanism is provided for moving the feed drum (36) from the driving position to the remote position upon detection of a misfeed where the strip of material (32) is displaced from the proper position. The feed drum (36) is spring loaded toward the remote position. A first sear (190) is in engagement with the feed drum so that it is held in the driving position against the urging of the spring (174). Second and third sears (216, 218) are coupled to the upper tooling module (22) and movable upon detection of a misfeed into moving engagement with the first sear (190) so that the feed drum (36) is quickly moved to its remote position.

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