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Electromechanical device with variable resistance circuit for controlling a load, particularly of an electric motor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5867002.

The invention concerns an electromechanical device with variable resistance circuit serving to control a load. The device comprises a connection (10) for a source of power (12), a connection (14) apt to be connected to a load (16) supplied by the source of power (12), a resistance circuit formed by a plurality of branches (B.sub.1, B.sub.2, . . . B.sub.n) mounted in parallel between the connections (10, 14) and each comprising a resistance (R.sub.1, R.sub.2 . . . R.sub.n) in series with a switch (I.sub.1, I.sub.2, . . . I.sub.n) possessing an initial contact state and mechanical means comprising a carriage (20) moveable in translation between several predetermined positions, in each of which this carriage (20) is apt to co-operate with at least one of the switches (I.sub.1, I.sub.2, . . . I.sub.n) in order to modify its initial contact state and vary the intensity of the current traversing the load. Application particularly to the speed control of a fan motor in a heating-ventilation and/or air-conditioning installation of a motor vehicle.

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