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Toy vehicular drive apparatus

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5865661.

A toy vehicular drive apparatus includes a first roadway having an electrically conductive underside and a second roadway having an electrically conductive top and being under the first roadway. A subsurface powered vehicle is movable on the second roadway and has electrically conductive elements in contact with the electrically conductive underside of the first roadway and in contact with the electrically conductive top of the second roadway. A power source connected to the first roadway and the second roadway electrically energizes the first roadway and the second roadway to provide power to the powered subsurface vehicle. The toy vehicular drive apparatus also includes a surface vehicle movable on the top of the first roadway. A magnet on the surface vehicle and a magnet on the powered subsurface vehicle provide interconnection of the surface vehicle and the powered subsurface vehicle to cause movement of the surface vehicle in response to movement of the powered subsurface vehicle.

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