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Golf course maintenance machine

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #5865258.

A mobile apparatus for golf course or other turf maintenance. The apparatus includes a vehicle with powered drive, steering mechanism, and maintenance equipment support structures. The vehicle may be a forward unit and a trailer unit with an articulated joint between the units; the forward or trailer units may have one or more wheels. The wheels are wide tires with smooth tread and low pressure. The maintenance equipment may be an apparatus for injecting a coagulant material into the subsurface of a turf area, an apparatus for cutting and placing a putting cup, an apparatus for grooming a hazard, rollers for rolling a turf surface, and other forms of turf maintenance equipment. The cup cutting and placement apparatus is designed to cut a plumb vertical hole in a putting green at the same depth with each operation, to remove a core from the subsurface, and to place a core in a previously cut hole.

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