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Multi-port network adapter

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5864554.

The port in a packet network switching system that a packet should be associated with is determined by retrieving packet address information for a packet that is to be transmitted. A predetermined number of bits from the packet address information is selected to use a hash key, which is used to compute a table address. The contents of the table at that address are compared with the packet address information. If it matches, the packet is transmitted over the port associated with that particular destination address. If it does not match, the table address is incremented by one, and the contents of the new table location identified by the incremented address are compared with the packet address information. A high speed digital video network apparatus which utilizes the hashing function is implemented on a single integrated circuit chip, and includes a network protocol processing system interconnection, compression/decompression circuits, and encoder/decoder circuits.

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