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Motor and recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the motor

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5861687.

A motor and a recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the motor. The motor includes a rotational member, a fixed member, a stopper member and a set of balls. The rotational member is formed by bending a first plate, and includes a first V-shaped bearing guide groove and central rotational shaft having a hole formed therein. The fixed member is formed with a second V-shaped bearing guide groove and bent portions which are used to attach the fixed member to a chassis. The balls are mounted in the first and second V-shaped bearing guide grooves and allow the rotational member to rotate relative to the fixed member. The stopper member is inserted through a central opening in the fixed member and is received in the hole formed in the rotational shaft, thereby connecting the rotational member to the fixed member so that the motor can be transported as a unit without separating.

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