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Tape dispenser

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5861080.

An improved tape dispenser and method of use is capable of applying tape to a substrate with only one hand of the user, and comprises a housing having a pair of parallel spaced-apart resilient side walls which can be spread apart to receive a spool of tape rotatably mounted toward the rear of the dispenser; an upper support block mounted between the side walls toward the front end of the dispenser, a cutter blade mounted on the upper support block at the front end of the dispenser, a pressure-applying element in the form of an anvil bar or cushion extending between the side walls behind and below the cutter blade, a lower support bar extending between the side walls behind and below the anvil bar, and biasing means to bias the tape against the lower support bar, whereby, when tape is threaded between the pressure-applying element and the lower support bar, and the dispenser is pressed against a substrate to be taped, the tape is pressed by the biasing means and by a lower edge of the pressure-applying element against the substrate to apply the tape thereto.

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