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Cholecystoscopic cannula and cholecystoscopic gallbladder laser-sclerosis procedure

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #5860426.

A cholecystoscopic laser-sclerosis surgical procedure for the elimination of a human gallbladder in a single session using a local anesthesia, which utilizes a specially-designed cholecystoscopic cannula to couple the gallbladder fundus to the cannula by forcing a ring of gallbladder tissue into a groove in the cannula, by performing an operative endoscopy inside the gallbladder, closing the cystic duct meatus using a forceps, sealing the cystic duct using electrocoagulation, removing the gallstones, ablating the mucous membrane of the gallbladder by using a CO2 laser, injecting a biological cement into the gallbladder, applying a vacuum in order to collapse the gallbladder, eliminating the gallbladder tissue within the cannula by using a CO2 laser or electrocoagulation, and finally, releasing the coupling of the cannula to the gallbladder fundus and removing the cholecystoscopic cannula. The gallbladder disappears by means of atrophy.

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