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Mass flow gravity feed apparatus for charging metal-melting furnaces with dross level compensator and method for charging metal-melting furnaces therewith

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5853454.

Mass flow gravity feed furnace charger apparatus includes (1) a charge-well cover having an aperture and (2) an essentially vertical conduit for forming a substantially vertically-oriented column of metal chips or scrap within and above the aperture, and (3) structure for bringing both (1) and (2) into position above a charge well. The conduit is rapidly moveable up and down to force the metal chips or scrap into molten metal in the charge well even when the dross level at the surface of the molten metal is considerable, so that the apparatus and corresponding method permit charging when gravity feed alone is not sufficient or sufficiently rapid. In a preferred embodiment, the conduit has an interior surface provided with gripping means to assist with the downward movement of metal chips or scrap into the molten metal in the charge well when the up and down motion of the conduit is in effect.

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