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Cell loss rate sensitive routing and call admission control method

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #5850385.

A cell loss rate routing and a call admission control method and evaluation of ATM traffic. The two main communication qualities for connection oriented calls in an ATM network are the cell loss rate and the link delay. The purpose of routing control in an ATM network is to achieve high network throughput while guaranteeing both of these qualities. When high speed bursty calls are multiplexed in ATM fashion, the cell loss rate is more sensitive to offered load than the queuing delay. Usually, the cell loss rate grows large at lower offered load, even though the queuing delay is small. Moreover, the cell loss rate is determined not only by the offered load but also by other parameters, such as the burstiness and the percentage of high speed calls. Therefore, both the call admission control and the routing control methods in an ATM network are cell loss rate sensitive.

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