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Tooth prosthesis construction between sound or restored abutment elements

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5848897.

A construction for a fixed or a removable tooth replacement between two sound or restored abutment elements includes an individually cast plate made of a metal of choice (1), which is provided with an opening of defined size on the approximal side, at the level of the contact point of the abutment, and which is secured on the respective abutment by means of an etching/adhesive bonding technique. An oval adaptation piece (3), (17) with a wedge-shaped or loop-shaped engagement incision at its top, with a tapering opening at the center, and provided with a thread, is cast welded or cemented onto the plate. A movable pin (8) which is milled from metal is guided through the congruent openings of the oval adaptation piece and the plate is cemented in the small channel prepared in the abutment element (20). The pin is secured from the outside by a fastening screw (12).

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