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Method of playing a wagering game

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5848790.

A method of playing a wagering game 20 between a plurality of players includes first determining if the hand is to be played even or odd, and then dealing two-card hands from a standard 52 card deck to each player, including a player-banker. The cards have numerical values, ace equals one, face cards equal zero, and two through ten equal their respective face values. The players are afforded the opportunity to (a) draw one additional card, or (b) stand with the dealt cards. The object of the game 20 is to have the highest least significant digit of the total of the cards, either two or three cards as may be the case, and to have the least significant digit (LSD) be even if the hand is played even or have LSD be odd if the hand is played odd. If the least significant digit of the total of the cards of neither player is even if even was selected, or is odd if odd was selected, the hand is a push (tie) and no wager 500 is won by either player.

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