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Method for extending range and sensitivity of a fiber optic micro-doppler ladar system and apparatus therefor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5847817.

A method for compensating a reference signal used in a coherent receiver of a micro-doppler sensor having a transmitter includes the steps for: (a) repeatedly measuring phase differences between a signal emitted by the transmitter a first time and a previous signal emitted at a previous time so as to produce a plurality of phase error signals; (b) accumulating the phase error signals over a propagation time between the transmitter and the coherent receiver so as to produce a cumulative phase error signal; and (c) modulating a signal produced by the transmitter at the end of the propagation period so as to generate a compensated reference signal having a phase characteristic substantially identical to the signal produced by the transmitter at the beginning of the propagation period. A phase error or noise compensator, which can form part of a micro-doppler ladar system, is also described.

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