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Method for scaling-up a telecommunication system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5844823.

A method for scaling-up an existing and successfully operating telecommunication system to an increased capability telecommunication system by using newer, higher performance components while keeping as much of the original software and hardware architecture as possible. To provide this scaling capability a detailed modeling method is disclosed which allows individual attention to each process of the original software to determine the impact of scaling on key performance parameters such as cycle time. With this method re-use levels of 80-90% of the existing software have been achieved when moving to increased capability telecommunication systems. This re-use means scaled-up systems will have lower development costs and lower risk of software error since a great majority of the software has already been tested and corrected. The model also allows big problems to be discovered and solved in the laboratory instead of at a field installation site where costs will be higher and development more complicated.

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