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Method of making a energy-trapped type piezoelectric resonator

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5839178.

Disclosed herein is an energy-trapped type piezoelectric resonator, which comprises a piezoelectric resonance element having a piezoelectric plate and a pair of resonance electrodes formed on opposite major surfaces of the piezoelectric plate to have portions opposed to each other through the piezoelectric plate for defining a resonance part through the opposed portions of the resonance electrodes, a pair of reinforcing members holding both major surfaces of the piezoelectric resonance element to be integrated with the same so as to define a space in a region around the resonance part of the piezoelectric resonance element and not to inhibit the resonance part from vibration, and a pair of terminals, holding the piezoelectric resonance element and the pair of reinforcing members as integrated, electrically connected with the pair of resonance electrodes of the piezoelectric resonance element respectively.

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