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System and method for dynamic resource management across tasks in real-time operating systems

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5838968.

A system and method for dynamic resource management across tasks in real-time operating systems is disclosed. The system and method manage an arbitrary set of system resources and globally optimize resource allocation across system tasks in a dynamic fashion, according to a system specified performance model. The present invention provides a mechanism for system programmers to program tasks such that system performance will be globally optimized and dynamically managed over a system programmer-controllable set of system resources. The invention supports a mechanism for defining and managing arbitrary resources through a task resource utilization vector. Each task resource utilization vector contains an arbitrary number of task resource utilization records that contain quantities of system resources that each task qualitatively prefers to utilize while executing on the processor. Each of the task utilization records contains a run level that reflects the associated task's ability to perform its work when allocated the resources according to the particular task resource utilization record. This run level is used to dynamically vary the quantity of system resources that the task has allocated, based on the availability of system resources and the priorities of the tasks.

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