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Vehicle surrounding monitoring device

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5832407.

A vehicle surrounding monitoring device including: a monitoring device for detecting objects present at a surrounding of a vehicle and outputting positions of the objects defined by a predetermined detection coordinate system; a coordinates transforming device having a calculation coordinate system in which a position of the monitoring device is an original point, a progressing direction of the vehicle is a first coordinate axis and an axis orthogonal to the first coordinate axis is a second coordinate axis for transforming the positions of the objects into positions defined by the calculation coordinate system; a vehicle speed detecting device for detecting a vehicle speed of the vehicle; a stationary object sampling means for sampling a plurality of stationary objects among the objects based on the vehicle speed; and an error detecting device for detecting a deviation of an optical axis of the monitoring device based on the vehicle speed, components of the first coordinate axis of the plurality of stationary objects sampled by the stationary object sampling device and amounts of change in components of the second coordinate axis of the plurality of stationary objects in a predetermined period of time.

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