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Primer strip loading tool

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #5831197.

A device and method for loading primers into primer receptacles of a rectilinear primer holder strip. The device includes an elongated track for longitudinally guiding the primer strip through a primer loading station. The primer strip includes a series of longitudinally aligned receptacles, each of which is designed to hold a primer in an interference fit that prevents dislodgement of the primer from the strip. Each primer strip also has a plurality of laterally extending castellations including teeth and depressions that slide on a ledge within the track. The track of the loading device is of substantially the same width as the strip, such that the strip slides through the track. A primer delivery slot in the device delivers a primer into the track, and a pressure application device is positioned to press the primer into a target primer receptacle. In one embodiment, the pressure application member is an inclined surface above the track that pushes the primer into the receptacle as the strip is advanced toward the inclined surface to eliminate clearance space above the strip. In another embodiment, the pressure member is a push pin that is biased to a retracted position, but which can be advanced to push the primer into a target receptacle in the strip. In either embodiment, advancement of the strip along the track sequentially loads primers into each of the receptacles in the strip. The device may be hand held and manually operated.

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